The headache of recruitment and retention

UK businesses across all sectors of the economy are struggling to recruit and keep skilled staff, and retaining high calibre IT professionals is especially difficult. So take away the uncertainty of employing your own staff and rely on ours instead.

Reduce costs

From recruitment fees to national insurance, pensions contributions and other benefits, you won’t need to worry about the costs and risks of employing your own staff. Nor will you need to budget for training and development, essential to keeping your people. We can provide you with your own IT team, with none of these headaches.

Get the right skills

You’ll have access to a team of over 40 experts, with a skillset that covers all the key technology areas. They’re up to date on the latest developments and have real-world experience of IT deployments across a broad range of businesses. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to tailor a service to your specific needs.

Reduce risk

We’ll keep your IT systems operational, available and secure. Our teams use documented processes for continuity and consistency, and we comply with best practice and industry standards, such as ITIL. We deliver outstanding IT services every day, as shown in our customer satisfaction scores and industry benchmarking.

Plan for the future

We don’t just support your current IT systems, we’ll help you plan your future ones too. We provide consultancy services that look at your longer term business needs and help you develop IT plans and budgets to address them. With our finger on the pulse of technology advances, we can provide you with expert, independent advice on what to adopt and when.

What our clients say

“I spoke to Sarah this morning she was very pleasant, and she dealt with the issue straight away within the time scale we were looking for. Thank you Sarah.”

Scott Knox, Swagelok Scotland

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