Return on investment from IT

Any investment must deliver significant business benefits to justify the cost, and IT is no exception. Having access to expertise that is highly accountable and always available allows you greater visibility of the return on your investment. Our Concise Managed Service delivers this and more.

Reduce staff costs

Our Concise Managed Service means you won’t need to worry about employing your own staff with all the unpredictable costs that this entails, as well as holiday and sick pay. Instead you’ll pay an affordable, monthly subscription that gives you proactive IT management and 24/7 support.

Affordable expertise

You’ll have access to a level of expertise and proven solutions that would otherwise be unaffordable. From network specialists to cyber security experts, our team of more than 40 trained and experienced staff will support you on a daily basis and help you plan future IT investments in line with your business goals.


With detailed monthly reports, shared KPIs and industry benchmarking, you’ll have full visibility of your return on investment. You’ll know exactly what work has been carried out and how we are performing. With the guarantee of our Service Level Agreement, you can be sure that problems will be resolved within agreed timescales and that you’re getting the support you need.

Technology as an asset

Our Concise Managed Service allows you to turn IT into a strategic asset that fosters business growth. We’ll make sure all your IT is running as effectively as possible across your organisation, and help you develop IT plans that support profitability, efficiency and innovation.

What our clients say

“Concise responded rapidly to my issues today. Thanks to Alex and all the team for looking after my issues which gives me confidence in your great support business.”

Dave Cheetham, Heli 4 Charter LLP

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