6 Signs it’s Time for a New IT Service Provider

Concise | Date: July 29, 2020 | 4 minute read


Changing IT service providers can seem overwhelming but switching to someone new could be the game changer your business needs.

Things change rapidly for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), so the needs your IT provider used to fulfil may no longer be relevant to your growth. As the demands of your business shift, it’s best to re-evaluate not only the IT Support services you’re currently receiving, but more importantly, the services your business would benefit from most. Don’t forget that it’s not just your business that can change, your Service provider can as well and not always for the best!

Managed IT Services with support in mind

Use the following six signs to help determine how well your provider still fits with your business. Fortunately, making the change to a new provider can be a lot easier than you might think.

1. Products don’t work.

No matter what, at bare minimum, the IT services you’re using should work. It’s really that simple. You were sold on tools that would solve problems, provide guarantees, protect you, enable better business processes, etc. and if they aren’t performing, that's not right. After all, you are paying for these services and if they aren’t being delivered as promised, why stick around.

Sure, issues happen, things go wrong and nothing in life is guaranteed. With that said, problems with your products should be communicated to you transparently, fixed quickly and you should be assured that it won’t happen again. If the same problems persist, or new complications become the norm, then the issue shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s time to find someone that will deliver.

2. They’re pushing more sales.

There are lots of IT services available for businesses, but if you feel that every meeting you have with your provider is about them trying to hit a sales target rather than ensuring you are getting what your business needs that’s wrong.

You want a managed service provider who takes an active interest in supporting your overall business. When relevant to your goals of course, it’s appropriate and part of their job to proactively suggest new products or technology, plan your IT strategy and help you plan your budget. However, putting pressure on you or constantly pushing things that don’t align with your needs, internal expertise or current focus shows you their end goal. Being pushed by someone you consider a partner in your success, is not a partner at all.

3. You question their expertise.

IT services are complex and constantly evolving. Your service provider must be on the cutting-edge of the latest technology, have a deep understanding of changing cyber-threats and risks to your business, and be able to communicate this information with authority. You are relying on their expert knowledge to protect your business, so it’s paramount that you have the best and the brightest.

Be cautious of providers who are not keeping you informed, rely on inexperienced techs, or don’t seem to grasp the complicated topics on which they claim to be proficient. Consider how long a provider has been in business, how they invest in training their team and the average service length of employees. This data provides insight into how important it is to them, that they deliver high quality services for you.

4. You’re waiting on them.

Again, you’re paying for these services, so it’s expected they be available when needed. First off, because technology is a 24/7 requirement of your business, so is your service provider. Round the clock service nowadays is a baseline obligation, so if you find a provider who doesn't provide 24/7, don’t walk…run away!

Secondly, providers need to jump at the chance to communicate with you. If you initiate dialogue, a quick response is expected, along with regular updates to continue the conversation. If they say they’re doing something, you should be notified once it’s done. When an issue comes up, you need to be briefed on progress, expected outcomes, etc. so you can best manage the rest of your business.

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5. You can’t count on everyone.

This goes hand-in-hand with expertise. No matter who picks up the phone, responds to a request or completes a service, you want to feel confident in the information or service you’re getting. If you only have one or two “good people” to rely on, then the entire operation is in question.

When companies suffer from high turnover the result is inconsistent support. This degrades your confidence and feeling of security for good reason. The whole purpose of IT service providers is to handle a highly sophisticated portion of your business. Don’t lose sleep hoping “that guy” doesn’t work on your business. Instead, wake up every morning refreshed knowing you’re protected no matter what.

6. The spark is gone.

Do you feel the same va-va-voom as when you signed the original contract? Or do you dread having to interact with them? Are you bragging about the support you receive with peers? Or are you jealous of their innovation?

If you just don’t feel the same way you once did about your service provider, it means you’ve outgrown them. Listen to your gut, explore your options, and be willing to walk away from what doesn’t work in order to get the solutions, service and technology that does. “Because we’ve always done it this way,” is not a reason for shortchanging the potential success of your business.


  • Your IT services should be fit for purpose and work for your business needs
  • Your IT partner should understand your business and support your strategy for the future
  • Your IT service provider needs to be constantly adapting to the changing IT market 
  • Your IT Support SLA (service level agreement) supports your expectations and accountability of service
  • Your IT support provider should be able to provide key performance indicators for service delivery and customer satisfaction 
  • Your partnership should be based on trust and open communication.
  • If you think there is something not quite right with the partnership then go with your gut.


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