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Dan Mellett | Date: August 12, 2020 | 4 minute read


...And empower your staff to work from any location

With the recent lock down affecting every business in the UK and across the globe, most of us have been forced to adopt more flexible ways of working and many have embraced new methods of collaborating with colleagues and clients alike.

The explosion in the use of Microsoft Teams and other video calling applications like Zoom, for work purposes and in our personal lives away from the office, looks like a trend that will remain even after “normal” office practices return.

However, it’s put a strain on the businesses that have old legacy telephone and IT systems which can’t hack the change.

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In the initial scramble to close offices and get staff set-up to work effectively from home, those companies that had already adopted Microsoft Office 365 and remote working protocols were able to continue to function easily. Those companies still using legacy technologies like, on premise analogue or digital phone systems which use traditional fixed telephone lines, have found it much harder to enable their people to continue to work from home and some have still not caught up.

Why can’t we use our office phone like our mobile phone?

We use mobile phones every day and the predominance over the past 20 years is immense. One piece of office technology that can often get forgotten about is the office phone system. As our working practices continue to change, being able to take your business calls anywhere and from multiple devices looks likely to be the next newest technology for your business and in the near future the “new normal”.

As the traditional work desk moves to the spare room, dining room table or makeshift office space, your work phone number needs to move too. Lost phone calls are lost orders and even worse, eventually lost customers.


Legacy office based phones systems a thing of the past

What we have seen over the last few months is that many businesses have struggled to provision their people to be able to work from anywhere, because they are still tied to a legacy phone system. These legacy phone systems use traditional landlines that are provided by BT’s network which physically ties your office phone numbers to the office building. This whole way of doing things makes diverting phone calls and call continuity for staff working from anywhere difficult and costly – if indeed it is possible at all. Remote working just can’t work.


I’m stuck with my old system

Often these older phone systems and phone lines are on expired contracts that can be expensive, and if a bill review hasn’t been done for a few years, there could be significant savings to be made just by changing how your phone system works

Furthermore, BT will be overhauling this ‘traditional’ landline network over the next few years with BT looking to retire the old ISDN technology by 2025. Anyone planning on a getting a new landline won’t be able to and they are currently no new orders being accepted for ISDN .

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I want my business to be future proof

The lock down has inevitably made a difference to the lives of everyone. Working from home offers a better work/life balance for some people. Businesses are embracing the uptake in remote working but allowing this has also put increased pressure on a company’s IT systems and internet connectivity that allows access to servers and files..

Companies are taking a cautious approach to getting back to their norm and will not want to return all staff to the office immediately and indeed some employees will want to volunteer to continue to work from home longer because their productivity has improved and their work/life balance suits them and their workload. Having a “back to work” review can highlight any deficiencies in the technology you have to ensure that working from anywhere can be achieved at the anytime.

As such now is probably a good time to look at alternative phone systems which will provide your people the flexibility, productivity gains they need, future proof your business technology and reduce some costs.

But how do we do this?

We have worked with many clients who want to both save money and also make sure their people have the best communication methods available. In and out of any lock down situation enabling remote working from anywhere.

By switching legacy phone lines and numbering to newer VoIP or cloud technologies, the phone calls can be made over existing internet connectivity and best of all using a hosted phone system solution gives much more flexibility on where numbers and calls are delivered and also on which device a user chooses.

unified hosted phone system for efficient collaboration and communication

Concise have developed a hosted phone system solution that can enable work calls to locate you on a traditional desk phone, laptop, PC or an existing mobile device. This also means that calls are centrally controlled, recorded and usage monitored if required.

To add to this “absolutely anywhere” phone system, a collaboration application can enhance the experience to chat, work together on ideas and share screens. If your business uses Microsoft Teams the application can be integrated to allow external non-Teams calls to take place and be answered from the same interface.

To Summarise

Breaking the chains of legacy landline telephone systems by adopting a cloud based phone solution will enable greater flexibility for your business. You’ll be more agile in receiving and making phone calls, be able to continue business as normal in circumstances which require it at a drop of a hat, and also future proof your important business phone numbers. You might even end up with happier, more productive staff as an added bonus.

Speak to us today to find out how Concise Cloud Converse can help enable your business to return stronger than ever and we can also assess your existing phone bills and internet connectivity requirements to future proof your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your legacy phone system may be hampering your future business success
  • Flexible working practices help provide a better work/life balance for your people and secure your business future
  • Hosted cloud phone systems enable your people to work from anywhere
  • Collaboration tools keep you connected with your people and have proven to increase productivity and visibility away from the office
  • Our hosted phone solution, Concise Converse enables your business to quickly adapt to any situation for a fixed monthly cost that can reduce your telephone bills

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