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David Southern | Date: May 16, 2017 | 2 minute read


A second chance to catch recent Concise resources that guide SMEs through the challenges of keeping their IT infrastructure running


89% of SMEs now see their IT equipment and systems as an important business asset, ahead of stock, buildings, plant and machinery and even the company’s brand name. But not all SMEs have the resources to employ a full team of IT professionals.

Over the past two months, we’ve been looking at the challenges that fast-moving technologies present to SMEs, and the choices that managers must make to safeguard the IT infrastructure that every business relies on.

Take a look at these posts you may have missed:

Manage the 60% Risk of Cyber Attack to Your Operations: The Business Leader's Guide to IT Strategy

What would happen to your business if a major IT problem left it unable to function properly for hours, days, or even weeks? For most SMEs, such a disaster would be potentially ruinous, yet many fail to assess whether they’re potentially vulnerable, or how they would respond. Our eGuide explains how to protect your business from operational downtime and cyber attacks.

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Death of the IT Manager - 5 Ways to Save Time and Money by Outsourcing IT

Just coping with the IT systems you currently have can leave little time to think about how to use IT to grow your business and get ahead of your competitors. Find out how outsourcing IT services can free up time for innovation and growth.

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How Good IT Governance Can Keep Your SME Out of the Law Courts

SMEs struggle to compete with larger enterprises when it comes to governance. Yet, the risks of non-compliance are high - hefty fines, legal claims and reputational damage. Discover how best practice in IT governance can improve compliance management for your SME.

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7 Steps to Secure Your Operations from Cyber Threats

Nearly two-thirds of UK businesses suffered a data breach in 2015, and the results can be costly in both financial and reputational terms.. What practical steps can SMEs take to improve their IT security?

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How to Solve the 7 Most Common Technical Support Problems Yourself

SMEs may lack the IT resources of bigger firms, but if they don’t fix problems quickly, they risk losing business. Managers can make a difference by learning these tech support solutions for 7 common issues.

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Are Your Employees Wasting a Day a Week on Admin?

Spending time on admin is a fact of life for any business employee, but according to recent research, UK SME directors are spending as much as 33 hours a month on business administration. It’s time to find out how robust technologies are delivering significant admin savings for businesses.

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Call of Duty: Modern Hardware - How to Be the Elite Black Ops Team

IT operations best practice needn’t be a battlefield. Be a hero in the office as you lead an Elite Black Ops team to tackle the twin threats of poor IT performance and cyber security. In this fun piece, we draw on lessons from Call of Duty to show how you lead your Elite IT Black Ops team to victory!

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Managed IT Services Case Study: Fellows Auctioneers Enjoys Peace of Mind Outsourcing IT to Concise

In our latest managed IT services video case study, specialist auction house Fellows discusses the operational benefits of its partnership with Concise.

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In coming months we will be discussing sales, and the difference that robust IT infrastructure makes to this business-critical activity.

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