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David Southern | Date: November 9, 2016 | 2 minute read


A second chance to catch recent Concise resources exploring best practice in business strategy


Over the past two months, we’ve been looking at the value of strategic thinking for SME leaders, who may be distracted by day-to-day issues on a routine basis. Many of Concise’s customers need us to manage their IT systems for them precisely because they’re so short of time, often combining responsibility for IT with other business areas. So we’ve looked at ways of clearing time to work “on” rather than “in” the business. And at the same time, we’ve been mindful of playing to an indisputable strength of SMEs – agility. So we’ve discussed how best to build flexibility into planning while following best practice.

Take a look at these posts you may have missed:

Drive Over 60% Productivity Gains with IT: The Business Leader's Guide to IT Strategy

SMEs naturally find it easier to be nimble, adapting to changes in their circumstances or the broader market environment, but those that do not think strategically will not be able to take advantage of their own flexibility. Get your business in shape now and you’ll be well set for sustainable growth.

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Why SMEs Should See IT as a Strategic Asset

Has your business put IT strategy at the heart of its plans for sustainable profitability? While many growing SMEs understand the importance of IT in helping their business to function smoothly and effectively, the right IT strategy can also be a driver of growth.

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IT Sophisticate or Feature Seeker – What Type of IT Decision-Maker Are You?

Some decision makers put their budgets front and centre, while others view money as no object to adopting feature-risk systems and solutions. Some are motivated by safety and security, while others look to providers who can offer a holistic service with a single point of contact. Our quiz will tell you which type of IT decision-maker you are.

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7 Ways to Free up Time for True Business Leadership

750,000 SME business owners have missed out on family holidays due to work pressures. With work-life balance becoming a rare commodity, we look at 7 ways to free up time for true business leadership that will help reset priorities.

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7 Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Until recently, many tools for making sense of your business data needed specialist IT expertise. But that’s changing. A new generation of analysis tools can give you real insights into how your business is performing, and help you make decisions based on solid evidence.

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The Business Director’s Problem Page

Entrepreneurs often report they have little time to work on business strategy and find it lonely at the top. Our problem page is mainly for fun, but it does make one or two serious points at the same time.

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Competing with Big Business – Is the Cloud a Level Playing Field?

Growing numbers of SMEs are making use of cloud-based systems and services. Besides much-vaunted benefits such as lower infrastructure costs and ease of access, does the cloud make it easier to compete with larger businesses?

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Does Your Managed IT Provider Add Real Strategic Value?

Managed IT services typically cover essential support functions, but taking a longer-range look at how you use technology can be a real catalyst for success. Find out how you can take your business forward with a managed IT service provider that takes a more strategic approach.

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In coming months we will be switching our focus to people management. At a time when SMEs in particular are feeling the pain of the talent crisis. What is best practice look like in people management, and what difference can IT make?

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