Call of Duty: Modern Hardware - How to Be the Elite Black Ops Team

Concise | Date: May 2, 2017 | 3 minute read


Call of Duty can teach you lessons that can be simply applied to IT operations best practice, allowing you to lead an elite IT team.


Frustrating, isn’t it? You know your business needs a cutting edge IT infrastructure, a team of experts that understands IT operations best practice, and a blend of technology that gives you speed and reliability. Instead, you’re making do with what you’ve got. And what you’ve got is making life a bit of a struggle.

It’s no wonder you’re going home to blow off steam with a few rounds of CoD.

But maybe, just maybe, you can be a hero in the office as you lead an Elite Black Ops team to tackle the twin threats of poor IT performance and cyber security.

It’s time to pick up that controller, select your weapon of choice (not the SCAR-H though, come on) and see what Call of Duty has to teach us.


One: Nobody Buys Lag as an Excuse

“It’s not my fault. The server’s lagging.”

You don’t buy it. Your friends don’t buy it. And guess what? If you start blaming business failures on the speed of your IT infrastructure, nobody you work with is going to buy it either.

IT is always a balancing act. You’ve got a list of demands and a limited budget. You can’t afford to keep updating the latest software, the latest hardware, and send your IT team on the latest training courses.

In CoD, you soon learn to stop making excuses and find out how to become a better player. That means practice. And in business, you need to take responsibility and find the best people to become part of your elite IT team.


Two: You Need the Right Tools for the Job

Yes, YouTube is full of people who’ve spent months practising with a throwing knife to get that game-winning kill from across the map. To be honest though, they’d probably be better served with a sniper rifle.

It’s the same with IT operation best practice. Yes, you could spend months and months learning how to do it all yourself – but much like those knife tricksters, you’ll still need a hell of a lot of luck to pull it off.

Just choose a more appropriate tool for the job. For your business needs and budget, it’s highly likely that those tools will involve an outsourced managed IT service.

View it as workplace.

Instead of replaying the same old basic game, you’re the forward-thinking hero who’s adding new, valuable content to the business.


Three: It’s a Team Deathmatch, Not a Free-For-All

If you find yourself on your own, without support to watch your back, you’re always one wrong turn away from being picked off.

One in four SMEs think it’s too difficult to manage their IT infrastructure alone. It’s expensive, complex and too much work for one person to handle. That’s why even as we’re surrounded by uncertainty, demand for IT experts is still on the rise.

You need a team. Which gives you two options. Option one is adding to that expense by hiring in fresh talent that needs to be trained in the way you work, hoping all the time that they’re up to the task.

Option two is finding a proven expert to outsource to.

Just remember, in Call of Duty and the real world, being a hero means leading an elite team to a hard-fought victory. Because…

You can be the hero of your own business story, but that doesn’t mean being an army of one.

Without a team behind you, you’ll join the fifth of SME decision makers who find it hard to keep up with new technological developments.

So the solution is clear. Don’t act the lone wolf who blames lag for his failings. Stop trying to go for the flashy highlight reel kill when you could just pick up a more suitable tool. Take what you’ve learned from Call of Duty and apply it to IT operations best practice.

Find an Elite Black Ops team to handle your business’ IT needs, and become the hero who leads them.

With experts handling everything, who knows? Maybe you’ll have enough time to practice that long-distance knife strike?


  • You can’t succeed at anything alone - it’s more productive to lead an elite team than to do everything yourself.
  • It’s difficult to keep up with the latest developments - but simple to find someone to keep up for you.
  • A quarter of SMEs find it too difficult to manage their IT infrastructure, leading to a rise in demand for IT experts.

Take your Elite Call of Duty skills and apply them to your business. Download: Manage the 60% Risk of Cyber Attack to Your Operations: The Business Leader's Guide to IT Strategy

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