Competing with Big Business – Is the Cloud a Level Playing Field?

David Southern | Date: September 9, 2016 | 1 minute read


Cloud solutions can tip the balance in favour of SMEs over larger businesses. But there are disadvantages too. We help you figure out the pros and cons

Cloud solutions operate over the internet where a specialist third party manages and maintains IT services such as infrastructure, platforms and software, which businesses then rent on demand, instead of owning it themselves. 

Businesses are attracted to cloud solutions because they believe that they:

  • are easy to scale, so can grow with the business
  • allow anytime, anywhere computing access
  • have much lower infrastructure costs
  • mean they always have the latest upgrades
  • require less maintenance
  • protect against data loss, as data is stored remotely

By delivering these benefits, does the cloud also make it any easier for SMEs to compete with the big players

One key advantage SMEs have is their agility. When weighing up the pros and cons of cloud, SMEs might examine whether the solutions they are considering will boost this competitive edge or detract from it. If a cloud service is right for the business, it should help it build capabilities to better exploit opportunities in a fast-changing environment and ultimately make it easier to deliver its business strategy.


  • Cloud solutions can help SMEs overcome the IT skills shortage and problems accessing capital.
  • Some SMEs have grown phenomenally thanks to cloud while others feel hampered by its inflexibility and lack of customer support.
  • Cloud can lower costs considerably but at the price of security risks, poor service and hidden expense.
  • An effective cloud solution should enhance your SME’s agility advantage over Big Business.

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