Concise Achieve World-Class Customer Satisfaction Rating

Concise | Date: September 9, 2021 | 4 minute read


We are very proud to announce that our Net Promotor Score (NPS) exceeded the IT Service Provider industry benchmark. This results demonstrates our commitment to a customer-led, ever-improving approach to our services.  

In June 2021, we sent a Customer Satisfaction survey to all our customers, decision-makers and users, and we would like to share the key results.

Let's start with explaining what NPS is? NPS stands for Net Promotor Score and is a customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement based on how likely existing clients are to recommend your business to another person or company on a scale of 0 - 10. NPS is also a comparable measure of customer satisfaction across all industries so you can compare Apples with pears — but NPS is the tip of the iceberg in our yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

The NPS was one of 20 questions on areas of our whole service including account management and Servicedesk, to discover what we are doing well and where there are areas of improvement, allowing customers to leave their feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our services.

Concise's NPS score is 54% higher than the industry benchmark of 39 by receiving a score of 72 for decision markers and 61 for end users.

The Customer Satisfaction survey allows for a clear, quantifiable gauge on the level of customer satisfaction received by Concise Technologies' clients, and how likely those clients are to recommend us to their business partners, peers and friends, driving business growth, a mission-critical objective for any business. 

How is an NPS Score Calculated?

The NPS is marked on a scale of 0 - 10. From this scale, client responses are grouped depending on their score. These groups are defined as Promoters, Passives and Detractors. 

The most loyal of the three groups, Promotors are enthusiastic individuals and will sing the praises of the company to their friends, family and peers, fuelling the growth of the company and brand by referring others. 

Respondents choosing 7 - 8 are known as Passives. They are generally satisfied with the service, product or brand but are not necessarily enthusiastic enough to recommend the company's offerings to a friend or peer. A client leaving this result could mean they are prone to being swayed by a competitor's offerings. 

Respondents leaving a score between 0 - 6 are known as Detractors. These are people who are generally unhappy with a service or brand and could cause harm to the organisation by leaving a bad review, and not recommend the business to friends and peers ultimately impeding the business growth.nps-score-calculator1

Once the groups have been established, the NPS score is calculated. NPS is calculated by Promotors% - Detractors% = NPS Score. When calculating the NPS score, passives are removed from the equation as they neither help nor hinder the brand so for example if 10% of the respondents are detractors, 20% are passives and 70% are promotors the score would be calculated by 70 - 10 = 60.

How is Concise Going To Use The NPS Score To Improve?

The first thing to note is there will always be detractors and passives and they are as important as the promotors, if not more so. Understanding detractors and passives means that we must work harder on our relationship, talk more, engage more and understand what is ultimately causing them due unrest with the experience and service we offer. It is important to understand the feedback of the less-impressed respondents and use it to improve and deliver a better experience and service so that they can be persuaded next time to become promoters.

Though we received an industry beating NPS score, with the vast majority of clients responding in the promotor bracket, there was plenty of constructive feedback left. 

Along with NPS there were questions about Account Management and Service Desk.

How did we do on Account Management Satisfaction?

The survey asked questions about the quality of service from our Account Managers. Account Managers are the first point of contact for a client when they begin their journey with Concise Technologies and they are a common port-of-call for improvements to services or discussing the evolvement of their business and how Concise can facilitate business growth with products and services. Account Managers are often misconstrued to be selling machines only trying to flog you the next product... that might be the case at other IT Service Providers but not at Concise. 

At Concise, Account Managers are driven by increasing the growth and success of clients. Always striving to get the most out of the services they are being provided with because they know when the client succeeds so does Concise. Respondents to the Customer Satisfaction survey were asked "How Satisfied Are You With The Service Provided By Concise's Account Managers?" A whopping 92% of responses came back as "Extremely and Very Satisfied"

How did we do on Servicedesk Satisfaction?

Our Service Desk Institute Certified, Service Delivery team received an overall satisfaction of an amazing 94% and will be going through the compliments and suggestions implementing any change effectively and in a timely manner to provide an ever-improving, customer-led operation on the Concise Servicedesk. We're proud to say this process has already begun and a number of changes have already been implemented.

A Big Thank you

A big thank you to all our customers that took part in the Customer Satisfaction survey in June. Thank you for providing open and honest feedback to help us improve the way we do things. Our services improve with your feedback and it's invaluable to us.

We know how important business growth is, for our clients and for Concise. This survey, though it garnered much applaud, features comments for improvement. Our teams are working hard to learn and implement change constantly to offer an improved level of service each time a customer comes into contact with us.

We're incredibly proud! We're proud of our teams for providing a level of service that is world-class and that ranking comes straight from our clients. 


  • Customer Satisfaction is really important to us and we effectively use the feedback to make changes and improvements for our clients
  • The Net Promotor Score is a strong indicator of the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients showing that they would recommend us to a friend or peer.
  • If you are not part of a business experiencing "world-class" level of service Concise provides, talk to us today about how your business could benefit from our customer-led ever-improving service. Contact one of our brilliant Account Managers today about your business needs on 01606 336 265.


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