Financial and IT - Recent Concise Resources You May Have Missed

David Southern | Date: March 21, 2017 | 2 minute read


A second chance to catch recent Concise resources exploring best practice in finance and the role that IT can play.


In the very smallest enterprises, entrepreneurs can handle all the crucial financial management that sits behind the business for themselves and often do so on an ad hoc basis. But as soon as the business grows, it needs much more professional structures - IT-enabled financial management systems that underpin every aspect of the company.

Over the past two months, we’ve been looking at a more strategic approach to finance and IT, to meet the challenges that SMEs face in an uncertain business climate.

Take a look at these posts you may have missed:

Get 70% More Value from Your Finance Systems: The Business Leader’s Guide to IT Strategy

On limited resources, SMEs often struggle to make the most effective use of technologies and tools, because they lack the experience, expertise and time to think strategically about what might be achieved. In this eGuide we show how SMEs can use technology to manage their finances effectively.

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Let Your Cash Flow - 3 Ways Technology Can Help

SME owners are facing threats to their operations on multiple fronts. From concerns over supply chain efficiency to anxieties over late payments, such challenges have the potential to harm that most critical aspect of any business – cash flow management.

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All Your Business Needs to Know about PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

In April 2016, PCI DSS version 3.2 was released, and the new regulations will help your business manage information security more effectively. If your business accepts credit cards, you need to comply with this standard by February 2018.

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What Is the Total Cost of Ownership of Managed IT Services?

Partnering with IT experts, who can keep them up to date with fast-moving technologies as well as maintaining essential everyday IT systems, is the obvious choice for many SMEs. How can you measure the return on investment of outsourcing IT services?

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How Secure is Your Business’s Financial Data?

Businesses are under cyber attack today, and though many think they are too small to bother with, in fact SMEs can be a real target for hackers.But the investment your business makes in securing financial data needn’t to be in the form of full-time staff.

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7 Apps for SMEs that Take the Pain Out of Financial Management

We’ve recently seen the emergence of user-friendly and cost-effective apps designed to streamline processes and give you visibility over your business’s financial health. Take a look at our hand-picked selection of financial apps for SMEs.

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Can We Afford to Employ a Tech Support Specialist?

The cost of tech support is rising due to the lack of skills in the marketplace and the pace of technology change. So what costs do you need to factor in when employing a support specialist? Find out the true cost of tech support to your business.

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Managed IT Services Case Study: Leading Manufacturer Washington Mills Forms Strategic Partnership with Concise

In our latest managed IT services video case study, global market-leading manufacturer Washington Mills discusses the strategic and efficiency benefits of its partnership with Concise.

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In coming months we will be discussing operations, and the day-to-day areas that SMEs need to manage in order to keep their IT infrastructure up and running. What are the challenges and how can you mitigate the risks?

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