How Outsourcing IT Support Can Free Up Your Employees to Make More Money

David Southern | Date: March 5, 2020 | 3 minute read


Outsourcing helps SMEs by saving on IT support and freeing up employees to concentrate on growing their business


As SME owners struggle with time and money along with other, broader pressures, such as Brexit, dealing with complex IT problems has become a burden many could do without. With issues like cybersecurity requiring increasingly specialist skills, companies are discovering that good quality outsourcing is a practical and surprisingly affordable way to deliver peace of mind and savings where IT support is concerned.

Every business owner knows that time is their most precious resource. The complexities of running an SME can seem almost endless, with social plans going up in smoke, holidays cancelled and owners reporting falling ill due to stress or overwork. It’s common for directors, or senior members of staff, to find themselves sidetracked by IT issues that could be managed quickly and efficiently by experts.

For many SMEs, the best solution is a reputable managed IT service provider.

Even when your company has an in-house IT team, the mounting demands of employees and customers can present time-consuming, money-wasting challenges. A good quality managed IT service provider can monitor your systems, provide unlimited support for a monthly fee and perform important maintenance that keeps your business’s IT infrastructure up and running.

More time to do what you do best

SMEs commonly opt for a reputable managed IT service provider to free up time needed for their staff to concentrate on core business activities. With the range and complexity of modern IT systems, it’s become difficult for companies to rely exclusively on in-house expertise. Often owners or staff with some technical knowledge end up trying to deal with IT issues, which can slow a business down significantly, or even bring it to a temporary halt.

A managed IT service provider means that the right skills are always available to keep your company’s IT system running smoothly, with minimal fuss. There are fewer nasty surprises, in terms of budget, because the service is covered by a fixed monthly cost, ensuring savings on IT support. The provider monitors systems, managers updates and minimises downtime so that the SME’s infrastructure can work better. And the business can access state-of-the-art hosting and data centre services, for increased reliability and security, with the right managed services package.

Companies that use a quality managed IT service provider find that they are saving on IT support, and also that they have to worry about IT much less, or not at all. Outsourcing enables SMEs to get on with delivering for their clients and customers, and focus more on growing the business and generating revenue.

Working with an IT partner

Technology is developing rapidly, with the result that businesses’ needs are constantly changing and becoming more complex. With a reputable managed IT service provider, SMEs have the right advice available when problems occur. Repairs can be conducted remotely, and the provider will liaise with different vendors when more complex issues arise, meaning staff can focus entirely on their core duties.

An effective managed IT service provider will listen to your business, helping to plan its IT strategy and improve its existing systems, whether for mobile use, analytics or security. It can track how your company uses its system, recording important incidents or trends, to give your SME a greater understanding of how IT affects its operations.

If you invest in the right service, your business will discover a reliable, attentive partner that delivers savings on IT support and and technologies aligned to your core business objectives.

Understanding your system

IT issues feature prominently among the barriers SMEs face as they attempt to grow. For instance, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has highlighted the mounting threat of cybercrime as the digital economy becomes more complex. For businesses, it’s more important than ever to have a safe, secure system, that works for customers and employees. As an SME owner, it’s also critically important to understand that system and how it fulfills your needs.

A good quality managed IT service provider provides a practical solution, that allows your SME to get market-leading expertise, develop your business infrastructure and make savings on IT support. The right partner, will take all that load of your mind, so you and your employees to get on with doing what you do best - making money for your company.


  • Owners and employees find themselves sidetracked by IT issues that can be handled more effectively by dedicated experts.
  • Outsourcing IT support delivers peace of mind and saves money.
  • SMEs opt for managed IT service providers to free up time for core business activities.
  • For a monthly fee, a reputable managed IT service provider can monitor your systems to keep them efficient and respond to problems when they arise.
  • A good managed IT service provider will partner with your business, providing the expertise to help you get the most out of your IT.

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