Managed IT Support in Birmingham: Fellows Auctioneers

David Southern | Date: May 9, 2017 | 1 minute read


In our latest managed IT services case study, specialist auction house Fellows discusses the operational benefits of its partnership with Concise


Fellows Auctioneers, a specialist in jewellery, watches, antiques and fine art, has worked with Concise for a number of years, and provides a case study in what managed IT services can deliver.

“Like any business we have day-to-day problems such as printer malfunctions or laptops not working,” says Ben Griffiths, the firm’s Operations Director. “They recognise we also have a massive priority on our sale days, which is when the majority of our income comes into the business. We have a global audience so we need to have working laptops and a working IT infrastructure so that people can view our sales and the customer experience is as good as possible.”

Concise works with Fellows in several capacities. “As well as the day-to-day issues, Concise helps us with the larger things – if we require new servers, say, or we’re adding an office in a different location. They advise us on what we need to do to make that run smoothly,” Mr Griffiths adds.

“It’s been a great partnership – Concise has enabled us to grow the business in line with our own sales. When I joined the business in 2009 we had around 30 employees – we’re now around 70 and that obviously puts a big pressure on our IT. They’ve come up with solutions for each of the problems we’ve encountered and they keep us up to date with where we are on every issue.”

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