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Concise | Date: March 10, 2021 | 2 minute read


As the ongoing fight for small and medium sized businesses against cyber crime is ever more prevalent, two super heroes join forces to help and advise those most in need. Concise are really proud to announce our involvement with the Cyber Resilience Centre Greater Manchester as a Trusted Partner.

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Who are the Cyber Resilience Centre Greater Manchester?

The Cyber Resilience Centre Greater Manchester (CRCGM) is one of eight already established Cyber Resilience centres across the UK, part of BRIM’s (Business Resilience International Management) UK Cyber Resilience Centres Programme of 10 such centres - a CRC network across the whole of the UK. The centres all have the same consistent strategic objective to “protect communities, promote economic growth and overall safety” in each area covered by the individual centres. Each centre is focused on supporting and providing services to SME’s to improve resilience to online crime and create a national talent pipeline.

BRIM is supported by UK law enforcement along with UK Government and Home Office.

The Cyber Resilience Centre Greater Manchester is a not-for-profit venture between the Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital who want to “grow and strengthen the region's resilience to online crime by providing the highest standards in leadership, integration and collaboration across the cyber eco-system in Greater Manchester.”

They provide knowledge, protection and a community to any SME within the Greater Manchester area. They provide advice and refer businesses on to only the most ethical of suppliers who wish to support businesses to become cyber resilient.

Why have we got involved?

Concise are passionate about cyber security. Our Head of Security Andy Amos has spearheaded Concise’s work in Cyber Security for the past 9 years and is a qualified OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional, CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and an IASME Certified Assessor. He heads up our SOC (Security Operations Centre) team who deal with security issues on a daily basis for our clients.

"Whilst most of the other CRCGM trusted partners specialise in Cyber Security, we can provide the a full range of Information Technology services and support.  We understand all the challenges an SME faces, not just from a security point of view."

Being a Trusted Partner also enables us to showcase our expertise, meet similar partners and collaborate on the best way to help SME's tackle online cyber crime.

What does it mean to become a Trusted Partner?

Concise becomes one of a select number of professional and ethical companies which can provide Cyber Security services to businesses in and around the Greater Manchester area. with the main aim of supporting businesses to become cyber resilient. 

The Cyber Resilience Centre is a one stop location for SME's to go for help about cyber resilience in their locality and trusted partners are on hand to provide that support, advice and certification if required where ever the business is.

We are very proud to be a Cyber Resilience Centre Trusted Partner offering assistance and advice to small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Manchester area on IT Security and cyber resilience. It means we can support those companies who are essentially the most vulnerable to online crime, providing them with Cyber Security services including Cyber Essentials Certification and if they haven’t already, provide them with managed IT support services that will help mitigate the risk of cyber crime.

As an IASME accredited certification body, it was the next step to enabling us to help even more small to medium sized businesses in our locality to become cyber aware and making their businesses resilient to any cyber attack in the future.

In Summary

  • Cyber Resilience Centres are promoting the need for cyber resilience in small to medium sized business.
  • UK Law enforcement, Home Office and UK Government are providing the backing with strategy and governance to ensure communities are protected from Cyber Crime.
  • CRC Trusted Partners provide the expertise and knowledge to help provide cyber resilience to SMEs
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus is one way of providing your company with some Cyber resilience to online crime.

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