People Management – Recent Concise Resources You May Have Missed

David Southern | Date: January 24, 2017 | 2 minute read


A second chance to catch recent Concise resources exploring best practice in people management and the role that IT can play


With skills in short supply and competition for top talent fierce, many SMEs find themselves at a real disadvantage. Not only are they constrained by what they can offer in terms of pay and benefits, they also lack the advantage of a well-known, desirable employer brand. For SMEs, attracting and retaining skilled employees has never been so critical or more challenging.

Over the past two months, we’ve been looking at a more strategic approach to people management, to meet the challenges that the talent crisis presents to SMEs.

Take a look at these posts you may have missed:

Attract Top Talent and Drive Value from Your Employees: The Business Leader's Guide to IT Strategy

The relationship between employer and employee has fundamentally changed. Employees live in an always-on, interconnected digital world where it has never been easier to seek out and explore more attractive work options. Find out how to develop and implement a digitally empowered talent management programme.

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5 Ways That Digital HR Is Changing People Management

HR has traditionally been slow to adopt digital practices, but various digital tools are now helping managers create happy, productive workforces. Find out how SMEs can make use of these tools to increase employee engagement, cut costs and recruit the best talent.

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Your SME and the Great 21st Century Skills Shortage

At a time when skills shortages are having a real impact on every business, innovative approaches are needed to help staff fulfill their true potential and attract other talented individuals. Discover how to address the great SME skills shortage threatening to strangle growth in the UK.

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How to Resolve the Time Deficit in Your Business

SME executives are no strangers to time pressures and feeling harassed. Many are forever dealing with the latest staffing crisis, putting out small fires and rising to any number of challenges that running a business brings. Follow our simple but effective tips to help manage your time and fit more into your day.

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Employee Wellbeing and ‘Always On’ Technologies

Smartphones are now owned by 70% of adults, but fielding calls and emails at home or on the daily commute can mean that it’s no longer possible to take a proper break from work. Being connected is an essential part of people’s daily lives, but is the Always On culture putting employee wellbeing at risk?

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10 Key Attributes of a Talented IT Professional

Two-thirds of UK employers are concerned that they won’t find enough highly-skilled staff to support them, and one in four firms is reported to be looking overseas for the talent needed. Technology skills are in short supply but searching for individuals with these qualities will help you recruit the right IT professional for your business.

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Are Your Employees Your SME’s Biggest Cyber Threat?

The proliferation of computers in the modern workplace brings with it not only great efficiency gains, but also a series of threats such as malware and data breaches. Many SMEs feel overburdened by fast-moving changes in IT, but businesses should be aware that staff themselves can be the source of breaches. By taking some simple measures, you can help close down internal cyber risks.

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How Businesses Can Remain Compliant with Employment Regulations

The risks SMEs run when they don’t keep up to date with the latest employment regulations include tribunals, legal claims and hefty fines. How can SMEs use IT systems and cybersecurity measures to meet compliance requirements?

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In coming months we will be switching our focus to finance. Cash flow seems to be re-emerging as a front-of-mind issue for SMEs. What are the challenges, the best practices, and how can technology help?

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