Sales and IT – Recent Concise Resources You May Have Missed

David Southern | Date: July 11, 2017 | 1 minute read


One in four SMEs reported a data or online security breach over the past 12 months, and many more may be at risk. It’s one thing to try and establish a cultural norms of cautious internet use across your business – achieving this within a sales team is a different problem altogether.

outro-sales-and-it.jpgOur recent blog content has been looking at how those in sales are in constant need for information, seamlessly and remotely. And the stakes couldn’t be higher – the right systems can improve revenue by as much as 40% per salesperson. But customer data breaches can pose a mortal threat to SMEs in particular.

Take a look at the posts you may have missed on sales, IT and cybersecurity:

Smashing Your Sales Figures - Why Your SME Needs Data Analytics

Data analytics for SMEs will undoubtedly boost performance, and are more accessible than many businesses imagine. In this blog, we explore how data analytics for SMEs are moving into the mainstream, and are set to become a differentiator for business success.

SME Health Warning: Why Poor Data Costs Your Business Serious Revenue

Data analytics for SMEs provide an opportunity to add value, but without a single source of trusted data, it’s impossible to realise the potential offered by new technologies. Here we look at the other risks of poor company data, and how to combat them.

Grow Your SME with the Cloud: Our Top X Free Marketing Online Tools

Even SMEs on low budgets with no marketing resources at all needn’t miss out on this business-critical activity – here’s our guide to the best free online tools, from email marketing for SMEs to CRM. Compete with the bigger industry players without breaking the bank.

Why Your Salespeople Could Cost You Millions in a Cyber Attack

Sales team cyber security must be a crucial priority for all businesses that want to protect themselves from cyber attacks and other IT vulnerabilities. Find out the necessary training measures to take in order to ensure your salespeople are cyber-savvy and have the interests of your company’s digital assets at heart.

How Outsourcing IT Support Can Free Up Your Employees to Make More Money

Outsourcing helps SMEs by saving on IT support and freeing up employees to do what they do best, helping growing your business to grow as a result. Find out how SMEs are saving on IT support and freeing up employees’ time by intelligent use of outsourcing.

In coming months we will be discussing IT strategy, and why an ad hoc approach to IT can lead to expensive mistakes and worse...

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