What is Ransomware? Protect Your SMEs Against Online Fraud

Concise | Date: August 22, 2017 | 1 minute read


As ransomware attacks on SMEs rise, we examine what ransomware is, how it works, and how to minimise the risk to your organisation

There’s a rising threat facing SMEs. Ransomware.

In 2016, cybercriminals used tools including emails to access, encrypt and hold to ransom millions of files that to hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on. Staff turn on their computers and are presented with a pop-up demanding money in order to release their files, and most businesses see little alternative other than to pay up.

But in one in five cases, even giving in to these demands doesn’t work – criminals decide not to decrypt or return the files, leading to huge problems, spiralling costs and a damaged reputation.

So what is ransomware? How does it work? And what can businesses do to protect themselves? Our infographic explains all.

Awareness is the key to protecting your SME against online fraud, and you can find out more by accessing our specialist eGuide on ransomware, Are You Ransomware Ready? The majority of ransomware attacks start with a phishing email. If your staff can recognise the signs of fraudulent emails, criminals will find it harder to trick them into downloading malicious files.

And as a last resort, regular, secure backups will turn any potentially successful ransomware attack into nothing more than a minor inconvenience as you simply and safely retrieve the copies of your files that you’ve kept safely hidden away.

Ransomware may seem like a huge threat, but fortunately this threat is one which can be properly managed.

Turn your technology into a business strength, not a risk. Download: Technology is the SME’s Biggest Growth Factor: The Business Leader’s Guide to IT Strategy

Download: Technology is the SME’s Biggest Growth Factor

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