Why I Outsource My IT Support?

Kerry O'Connor | Date: July 15, 2020 | 4 minute read


As the Financial Controller of a thriving business, outsourcing my IT is a must.  “You work for a Managed Service Provider” I hear you ask.  It is a very common misconception, I work for an IT Company so I must understand technology.

I am a finance person, I love figures. I do not pretend to begin to understand the complexities of IT so with that being the case I outsource it to the highly trained, highly experienced and highly motivated people on the Concise Service Desk. And why wouldn’t I when they achieve a monthly average of 98.9% client support positive client feedback?

CSAT: The Good, The Bad and The Could Be Better

Just like one of our external customers, I get asked for my opinion after the completion of each ticket I log. This feedback is gathered from a simple CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey. The CSAT form is super easy to use and takes two seconds to click either a green, yellow or red face depending on my experience. And I will admit, they don’t always get it right but the Concise Service Delivery team endeavour to find out what could be done differently so that we all have a better experience next time a ticket is logged.

The beautiful thing about Concise’s CSAT program is that for every bit of feedback, good, bad or neutral, money added into a pot which at the end of each month is given to a well deserving charity chosen by the Concise Team. To date this totals at £13,517. That total grows each month with the feedback we are given on tickets. CSAT feedback improves Concise’s service and improves the lives that charities work to support and all it takes me is two seconds to click a button. There is a regularly updated total on the Concise website.

For our team it is irrelevant whether you are an internal or external Client, we are all Clients and are treated with the same professionalism and courtesy.

CSAT flow-1

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Why Outsource?

Letting the Service Desk at Concise Technologies take away my technology frustrations and pain leaves me with the time to concentrate on moving the business forward, ensuring we have measures in place to constantly grow and improve our business, provide training and investment in our people so that we continue to provide a best in class service to all of our clients, be it external or internal. It’s a brilliant virtuous circle.

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For those in Finance, having a fixed price contract will always provide a sense of security, it allows us to understand our costs, forecast accurately for the next twelve months, which is always helpful when presenting to the Board, especially in these challenging times.

On the subject of challenging times and Concise Technologies.  We, like many other businesses faced very difficult times in the 2008 recession, however we survived. Not only did we survive, we continued to grow when many others failed why was this?  We believed in the capabilities of our Service Desk and Technical Team, we allowed them to grow and provide support for both our Clients and our business meaning the Senior Leadership Team were able to concentrate on ensuring the business maintained its stability and was in a position to emerge from that recession stronger and in a position to continue to support all of our people and clients.

...We Once Again Are Facing Difficult Times

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we once again are facing difficult times and once again we will rely upon our Team to support our clients and our business whilst our Account Management Team will keep regular dialogue with our clients and ensure we are fulfilling their needs, Business Support will ensure orders are placed and any client queries are dealt with efficiently and the Senior Leadership Team will steer the business to ensure that once again we emerge from this situation stronger, this is beneficial to us as a business and therefore to all of our Clients, once again both internal and external.Timeline of IT Support in Cheshire


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These are very unprecedented times the like of which none of us have ever seen and will hopefully never see again, we took the decision very early to close our offices as, hey we are a technology company and if we can’t do remote working then nobody can! But no remote working plan has ever been put to the test like this. 

We have successfully used the technology available to us to continue to operate at full capacity, keeping all of our Team working from home and keeping safe whilst supporting our clients, maintaining our excellent Client feedback, which in turn means supporting much needed charities and our internal infrastructure.

There will be many MSP’s out there that have fallen at the first hurdle adding additional pressure to those businesses relying upon them to support them through this time.

Due to our success around remote working we do not envisage opening our offices until we are completely satisfied that anyone working for Concise will be safe from risk. Our mission is to “support people not technology” and that starts with our own Team.


...People not Technology

Concise Technologies has an overriding vision to “provide a world where IT is not a frustration”….can we do that?..... Possibly not but even in these trying times we will always reach for the stars.

In the meantime we will continue with our mission to “To support people not technology” as we understand that ultimately it is people who feel the pain, not the technology. We aim to aid all our customers in getting the most from their IT ensuring that their technology isn't a roadblock to success but rather a springboard to propel business. See what our clients have to say

To Summarise...

Having outsourced IT services is great because:

  • It allows for predictable monthly cost meaning we can effectively forecast financial data.
  • Frees up time for myself and my team members to focus on our job without worrying about IT malfunctions.
  • My voice is listened to, the feedback I leave is properly handled meaning I have a better experience each time I contact the service desk. 
  • A proficient service desk are always on hand to service my IT needs when ever I need them.
  • Having efficiently managed IT infrastructure allows my business to grow 

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