Why is it important to have a local IT Support Provider?

Concise | Date: January 28, 2022 | 4 minute read


As the last two years have shown, IT can keep family, friends and colleagues together, no matter the distance. So, does it matter where your strategic partners are located? As the location of the modern workplace is shifting from offices to homes, here's why the location of your IT Support Provider is still a key asset. 

IT Support That Understands Your Business

A key part of a strong partnership with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the MSP's understanding of your business goals, objectives and plans. To get the most value from your strategic partnership is to share your business plans. This can be achieved through proper account management.

When you have an IT Support provider on board there will be many touch-points between the businesses, your people calling service desk, organising site visits from engineers and many others. The two businesses become interwoven, treating the MSP's service desk personnel as they would colleagues. In fact, many of our clients consider Concise's service desk as part of their business. With cross-departmental collaboration between businesses,  it is important, as a business leader, to keep one point of contact for strategic and purchasing planning. A single point of contact can provide the link between the two businesses. Taking into consideration business objectives and plans and translating them to the support team to help create infrastructure plans and support packages to enable your business to grow to the levels you have set out, if not excel them. face to face meetings

To achieve the synergy between your business and an IT partner it is important to have regular meetings to assess the previous periods, the improvements implemented, what is working well and what isn't, to help create a plan going forward that will improve services and align with your business needs and objectives.

These meetings are often quarterly in the form of a Quarterly Business Review (QBR.) A QBR provides the perfect opportunity to assess the aforementioned strategic KPIs and plans for the future and these often work best in person. Having an IT partner located nearby allows for quick travel between the businesses, saving your business time and resources in travelling for such meetings. 

During the COVID pandemic most of the population has had experiences with video calls. Most businesses have had to conduct meetings online using video calls. With this experience, we can agree that video meetings are good but don't come close to the experience of in-person meetings or events. Being able to have face-to-face meetings with a limited commute is a great asset. This allows for proper conversation, natural questioning and rapport that can uncover questions or information that might have been lost in the medium of a video call. Not to mention the lack of distractions in a board room compared to your front room. 

Besides the great synergy that can be achieved where businesses are physically and strategically closely aligned, it is important to have an IT partner that understands the local environment. From local currency to local charities that are supported by the IT Partner you are looking to bring on board.

Helping Hands Just Minutes Away

Most IT problems are resolved remotely, 95% in fact. For the other 5%, the problem requires an engineer to attend site to resolve the issue. It is often the case that the problems requiring an engineer on site are the most critical to a business. These can range from a user's computer breaking down, requiring an engineer to service the components of the machine, to a server outage causing massive disruption to the entire business. In any business time is money. It is important that your business is able to operate for every minute that it is open.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions can spin up your entire server infrastructure in the cloud, remotely, in minutes to make sure disruption is kept to a minimum. Despite this, it is important that your physical infrastructure is fixed in a fast manner to prevent any loss of data and prevent future disruption. Having an IT Support Provider that is located nearby allows for a prompt response by the engineer with short travel time, saving your company time and money. 

Training and Events 

One constant in technology is that it is always changing. With change comes opportunity, opportunity for your business to build and grow, using new technology to enable better, faster business decisions. To be able to use these new emerging technologies you must first know about them. 

Having an IT partner with their finger on the pulse of emerging technologies with an account management team that can scout out the latest and greatest that fit your business needs is a great asset to have in an IT partner. The best way to see the new business technology is to see it in action, in person. Seminars are great opportunities for you to see the latest and greatest technologies on show. The benefit of having a seminar as opposed to another source of information on a product is having a representative in front of you to ask any questions, giving you immediate answers, cutting the time between you recognising the technology benefits and getting it implemented into your business, to reap the benefits. 

With training to decision makers in seminars and in-person meetings being a brilliant benefit of having a local IT provider, it is important to look at the every day user and how they can benefit from a geographically close IT partnership.


End-user training is a fantastic opportunity for your staff to get educated on the technologies they use on a day-to-day basis. Given that users can use the technology and tools available to them on a daily basis you might ask yourself  "why would my colleagues needs training if they use the tools daily?"

While doing anything on a daily basis will lead you to a great understanding of that thing it is important to brush up from an accredited instructor from time to time. A managed IT service partner that provides regular, high quality training sessions to customers believes in sharing the knowledge they have, knowing that for their business to succeed you must provide those tools necessary for success. Sessions can be anything from bespoke software, organised with the vendor to Microsoft Office products. You might find that there is a thing or two to learn when it comes to the products you think you know the best. 


  • The ability for regular face to face meetings for quick strategic manoeuvring,
  • Easier for relationships to grow because of a mutual understanding of local business needs due to a common language 
  • Enabled local cooperation and coordination for quick resolution of issues
  • No additional costs for travel expenses or lost time
  •  In-person training and events that can lead to better conversations 

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