I have Outlook 2007 on my machine, how do I add a PST file to Outlook?

  • Add a pst file
  • Rename a pst file
  • Delete a pst file


1. Select the File tab within your Outlook.


2. Select Open & Export from the menu

3. Then select Data File Management


4. Select Add from the Data File dialog


5. Choose OK from the list of storage types (Only select the other option if you know that the file from an older version of Outlook than 2007)


6. Locate the file you would like to open using the navigation tools in the Open Outlook Data File window


7. Select OK

8. You are given the opportunity to rename the Outlook Data File, but otherwise select OK


You will see that the Outlook Data File has been added to the list.


9. Close this dialog box to get back to Outlook

You will return to Outlook with the Outlook Data File (mailbox) visible in the Mail section of Outlook.


(If Contacts were archived then the Outlook Data file would appear in Mail but you would view the contacts in the Contacts section of Outlook).

10. Use the cross tool (expand) to expand the stored folders and locate the stored emails.



To rename the Outlook Data File

If you have more than one Outlook Data File open you may want to rename it for ease of use.

1. Hover the mouse of the name of the Outlook Data File and right- mouse click choosing Data File Properties


2. Select the Advanced button from the opened dialog box

3. Over type the existing name of the file with your own.


4. Click OK, until you get back to Outlook


To Close the Outlook Data File

If you no longer need the Outlook Data File opened then you can close it.  This does not mean you have deleted the PST file simply removed it from Outlook.

1. Hover the mouse over the name of the Outlook Data File and right mouse-click

2. Choose Close “Outlook Data File”



You will see the mailbox disappear from the list.


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