How do I setup Exchange ActiveSync on an iPhone or iPad?

You can use the instructions below for Concise Technologies supported iPhone Devices to setup an Exchange ActiveSync account on your phone.

1. Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account

iphone home screeniphone settings screen


2. Select Microsoft Exchange from the list of available account types

iphone settings mail account options


3. Enter your Email address, Domain name, Username, Password and if you want to enter a description for the account, then select Next to continue

iphone email exchange settings


4. The iPhone will try to locate the Exchange Server automatically set up your e-mail account. If it has problems then you will need to enter your company’s Exchange Server Name in the Server information

5. Once set up correctly you will be asked to synchronize your Mail, Contacts and/or Calendars. Switch each option on or off then tap Save when finished

iphone exchange account setup


Refer to Office Support - Set up Office apps and email on iOS devices

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