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Here is a list of the resources you can use to continue your learning with Excel.  

Select the links on the left to view or download the PDFs for your use.

List of Resources:

Full Excel Foundation Manual Full PDF of the course.  All sections listed below as one document
Section 1 - The Basics of Excel Understand how to start Excel and familiarise yourself with the Excel interface
Section 2 - Fundamentals of Excel What's a spreadsheet; entering different types of data and understanding how to move around
Section 3 - Formatting a Spreadsheet Formatting cells and working with rows, columns and sheets
Section 4 - Formulas and Functions How to perform simple calculations; understand how formulas work; relative vs absolute; introduction to logical functions
Section 5 - Charting Data Creating charts from data selection
Section 6 - Workbook Tools Using workbook tools to work with data
Section 7 - Viewing and Printing Preparing a spreadsheet for printing
Excel Examples Worked out excel examples


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