I need to use a Network Drive, How can I connect to it permanently?

A Network drive is a location in your company network which you need to have permission to view and use. You will need to ask Service Desk to set this up for you and they will provide you will the path to the shared drive in the returned ticket details.

Use the instructions below to connect a Network Drive.

What you will need:

Path of the drive \\servername\sharefoldername

How to Connect?

1. With the Ticket Details open highlight the path of the drive provided and copy it. This will be pasted later in Step 6

2. Now get to the My Computer window using Start Menu, Desktop or by opening Windows Explorer

3. From the menu select Tools. If there is no menu press the [ALT] key to bring the menu into view or Select Map Network Drive if it is already available


4. Choose Map Network Drive



5. Select a Drive letter from the drop down list

6. Click in to the Folder section and paste the path from the Ticket Details. Ensure you have Reconnect at logon selected



7. Click Finish

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