Outlook User Auto Forwarding (2013 or 2010)

I have Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 on my machine, how do I setup Auto Forwarding in Outlook?

With Outlook open, select the File tab


In the Info section, click Manage Rules and Alerts


Select New Rule from the Rules and Alerts dialog box


A Rules Wizard appears to help with the setup of the rule.


Under Start from a Blank rule, choose the Apply rule on messages I receive, then click next.


The next step of the wizard provides you with a list of conditions to apply to the message you want to forward. Unchecking all the conditions means the rule will be applied to every message you receive.


Click Next and a prompt box will warn that you are applying this rule to all received messages, click Yes


Select Action
is the next part of the wizard.  What do you want to do with the message? There are two steps to this part of the wizard.

Step 1 select the option forward it to people or public group
Step 2 select the person to forward to.


From the Step 2 part of the wizard, click people or public group to open the Rule Address dialog box (your outlook address book appears).

Locate the person you want to forward messages onto by clicking the recipient’s address from the Rule Address dialog, then click the To button or double click to select it. Then click OK.


The Rule Wizard window should appear with the specified address replacing the people or public group text.


Click Next

The next Wizard window provides options for exceptions, however, most users leave the exceptions unchecked, but select any if you like. Then click Next

At the final step of the wizard, we need to name the rule and choose some options for the rule, so
Step 1 Type a name for the rule
Step 2 decide if you want to Turn on the rule from now and if you want to forward all current inbox messages then select the Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox” check box


Click Finish to apply your rule options and finish the rule setup. You’ll be taken back to the Rules and Alerts window


Select OK to complete setup.


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