I want to use Concise Chat?

Our Concise Chat facility is another way for you to log incidents and service requests. Here’s how to use the facility.

There are two ways of getting to Concise Chat.

  • Directly from your computer or
  • From our website

From your computer

1. Click the NetESP icon which appears in your system tray (near the date and time)

2. Select Chat


From a browser

1. Go to the following url http://www.concise.co.uk/servicedesk in a browser

2. Select Chat Live link


3. In both cases your browser window will open with the Concise Chat window.


4. Fill in your name, email address and a brief Summary of the issue

5. After a short period of time a member of our Service Desk Team will start to communicate with you via the Chat Session window. In image below, you can see Sarah Woodcock is the current Service Desk Team member and she will be dealing with your incident.


Name of Service Desk Team Member – who you will be chatting with

Ticket Reference – your incident reference

Conversation Window – where each side of the conversation appears

Message window – where you type in your message

6. Please wait until the Service Desk Team member is ready to communicate with you before typing your message. You may notice that the Service Desk Team Member is currently typing 


or they are waiting for you to respond.


Respond to the Service Desk Team member’s questions as clearly as possible detailing as much information about your request or issue as you can.

7. Type into the Text box underneath the conversation window. Click Send Message


As the conversation moves forward to resolve your incident speech bubbles appear in the Conversation window.

Your Concise Chat conversation may look something like this by the end. Speech bubbles mark the messages sent between you and the Service Desk Team member.


8. Once it is necessary to end the chat then simply select the End Chat button.

9. You will be sent an email showing the full transcript of the Concise Chat Session along with the Service Desk Ticket information.

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