What is Concise Email Filtering and How to use it?

Concise Technologies provide a market leading filter and quarantine anti-spam solution for unsolicited emails which may be of a fraudulent nature (phishing, spoof emails).

The filtering tool will check all inbound and outbound email going through the managed email system, before arriving in the business network and then personal mailbox.

Any emails falling within a set of criteria and quarantined by the system will prompt an Quarantined Email Notification to the recipient who will receive a personalised summary of any quarantined emails they have received in their mailbox.

This article explains how you can operate and train the filter.


Any company who becomes a Concise Managed Service customer is enrolled automatically to Concise Email Filtering for everyone in the business.

I've received a Concise Quarantined Email Notification, what is it and what do I do with it?

The Concise Email Filtering system filters all email in and out of the company email system and quarantines suspect emails based on a points based criteria. If emails have been quarantined each mailbox owner will receive a personalised summary of any quarantined emails.

Quarantined Email Notifications are scheduled to report every 3 hours, 7 days a week, but will only be prompted to send a summary notification when emails have been quarantined.

Example Quarantined Email Notification Summary

The email you have received should have the following details:

From Address:  Quarantine@concise.co.uk

Subject: Concise Quarantined Email Notification - (Message total) messages


Example Quarantine Email Notification Summary

The quarantined email summary shows the sender email address, subject, threat level and date of the email for each quarantined email, along with two links to either Preview or Allow & Release the quarantined email.

There are three options on what to do next

  1. Select Preview – this gives you the ability to see and review the e-mail before allowing it. Clicking on it opens a webpage.
  2. Select Allow & Release – automatically adds the sender to your personalised allow-list and releases the email to the inbox. All future messages from the sender are allowed and will go directly to your inbox.
  3. Completely Ignore the email - email remains quarantined.

Note: if you are not sure which to choose always Preview the email first, to understand more clearly who it is from and what it is about. You can allow at this stage.

Selecting either Preview or Allow & Release will open a browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox depending on your default) on your computer and present a webpage (https://portal-eu.mailanyone.net/) that confirms your action has been successful.


I Selected the Preview option what do I do now?

At the end of the preview webpage there are three options, 


Release – sends the quarantined email to the inbox, but the sender is not added to your allow-list.

Allow Sender – adds the sender email address to your personal allow-list., but no email is released to the Inbox.

Allow and Release – as before, adds the sender email address to your allow-list and the email is released to the inbox.

What is the Quarantine Criteria for Spam Emails?

The Concise Email Filtering classifies emails as spam on a points system, based on the Header, Subject & Body of the email received. The system gives a number of points to each part of the email and the sum of the points is the final score for that email message which determines the action taken next.

A quarantined email has between 200 and 6000 points.

  • Normal messages that are not spam always have a final score of 0.
  • Messages with a score lower than 200 are delivered to the inbox.
  • Messages with points between 200 and 6000 are quarantined.
  • Messages with a score over 6000 are automatically deleted.

All emails are categorised as follows:

Points Score Action
0 Normal Message
No Spam Detected
<200 Delivered to Inbox
200 - 6000 Quarantined
>6000 Deleted


Category Quarantined User Release User Allow List
Clean No N/A N/A
Spam Yes Yes Yes
Quarantine Yes Yes No
Virus Yes No No


I need to add this email address to our Global Allow-List (or Deny-List)?

Allowing a quarantined email as above will only add the sender email address to your personalised allow-list. To add the sender to a company wide or global allow-list or deny-list then this will need to go through Concise Service Desk as a standard request and may require authorisation from someone in the your business.

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