I want to use the Client Portal and view My Service Desk tickets

Our Client Portal enables you to log new support incidents but also view incident priorities and review the status of your existing and closed support tickets. The portal can be accessed 24 hours a day, direct from the website.

My Service Desk is an online service and requires a username and password which can be requested from the portal.

1. Login from the our website or directly using https://service.concise.co.uk/support

portal login screen

2. If this is the first time you have visited the client portal, enter your email address then select the link "Need access to the portal?" underneath the Submit button.  This will generate a password for you and send it to the email address you entered.

The email address must be the one we have on record for you.

Enter your portal password and select Submit.

3. Once signed in you will be presented with the My Service Desk Client portal Home screen (Dashboard)

concise technologies client portal

You will see a series of tabs across the top of the screen. Your portal security level dictates which tabs are available to you. 

Use the portal to view and update Service Desk tickets and log new incidents.  If you have permission you will be able to view and print invoices, view agreements with us and any quotations.

Account settings and Log out

In the top right corner of the dashboard are two options: Log Out when you have finished using the portal and My Account where you can edit your account details such as .


Create a New Service Request Ticket 

1. Use the Create Ticket button to enter a new service request ticket. 

There are three steps to the process.

client portal new service ticket creation

2. First choose the most appropriate Service Needed from the carousel list that appears. Some exmaples are below

  • General
  • I need an application installed
  • I have a computer problem
  • I have a new employee
  • I need a password reset
  • I need to add a printer
  • I need VPN Access
  • I need a file restored

3. Step two requires the finer details of the request.  The Title and Problem Description has already got some detail filled in for you.  Answer any suggested questions or add any further information needed to help the Service Delivery teams to resolve your issue along with any attachments, a completion date or whether it is an emergency.

4. Step three shows the contact details of the service request which is populated automatically from your login.

5. Submit the service ticket request.


Dashboard Information Tabs

You are restricted to viewing only your records in each tab and certain security levels will be able to see more information.

Projects Tab - View all project information and work plan

Recommendations Tab - These are quotes for you to review.

Knowledge Base - Search all service entries in the system.

Configurations - Will show a list of devices and documentation associated with the current user or company.

Reports - Only Administrators can create and share custom reports from the portal.

Account - View Service Agreements, Invoices, and update contact information



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