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Liverpool is the UK's second largest regional economy, home to a highly cost-competitive and business friendly environment (1). This diverse range of businesses all utilise IT and the most successful businesses realise that effective IT is a business enabler creating a foundation upon which they can drive success. 

Concise Technologies offer a wide range of IT Support and managed services in Liverpool to underpin that foundation. These services ensure that IT is working for you and provide the ability to realise your business goals rather than hold you back.

When IT goes wrong, or is poorly managed, it can hold a business back and even stop a business in its tracks.  It’s important to have a partner which understands your business and what it wants to achieve.

Why Fast, Secure and Friendly

  • Fast - IT Support that is quick, efficient and fixed within a time frame which meets expectations.
  • Secure – IT Support which has security in mind keeping business data and personal information safe from cyber criminals.
  • Friendly – UK based IT Support where the people fixing the problem understand the situation, supporting people not just technology.

As a managed IT Support company providing services to Liverpool and the surrounding areas for over 20 years, Concise Technologies can help with the challenges of today, and the future, by providing the right IT solutions and services.

Central Liverpool Business Benefits from Support Specialist


>> Wealth At Work - Financial education and guidance in the workplace

Since 2009, we have been a strategic partner with Wealth at Work, based on Temple Street, and have been a part of how they have developed as a company.  With geographical dislocation around office environments and the integration between their sites and their people, we understand the challenges and objectives they face.  

They're very good at being in tune with how we operate and what we're trying to achieve as a business.


21 years of IT Support and Managed Services for Liverpool

Concise Technologies have a comprehensive offering of IT support solutions to keep businesses in Liverpool moving forward and meet today’s IT challenges.

managed-it-support-servicesManaged IT Support – Affordable and proactive IT management, everyday support services and incident response. Our ITIL aligned Service Desk understand that you need prompt action to resolve the issue at hand. They take away your headaches in a timely manner with our industry leading service levels.

cyber-security-network-protectionCyber Security - Cyber attacks the questions is when not if your business will be affected. The multi-layered managed cyber security service we provide protects you against cyber attacks. We employ regular vulnerability scans, network hardening and a variety of other techniques to protect your business. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) oversee the service even helping you deal with the IT headaches of GDPR. As if that weren’t enough Concise are an IASME certification body. This means we also provide National Crime and Security Centre level security inspections and certifications as part of our cyber security service.

managed-cloud-infrastructureCloud Services – Remove the IT burden by selecting the right cloud service and support to help grow your business. Cloud technology is an incredibly flexible and useful resource when the right need is matched with the right service. In recent years, many businesses have moved to the cloud simply because everyone else was . Our focus is on matching the right solution to your business needs, rather than IT trends, and our cloud expertise does exactly that.

disaster-recovery-business-continuityDisaster Recovery as a Service – Taking away the uncertainty of "What happens if?" this comprehensive Disaster Recovery service ensures your systems can be back up and running for your business within an hour of disaster striking! Best in class Service levels, regular monitoring and testing means that you can rest easy knowing that you have any IT disaster covered.

managed-cloud-infrastructureCommunication – On premise or cloud based phone systems and unified communication solutions. VOIP, SIP, Teams and call recording. These are all services that we can implement and support for you with our Team covering the Liverpool region. These professionally managed communication services increase employee performance and the image of your business.

structured-business-consultancyConsultancy – We take the time to understand your business objectives. Once we do we can assist with strategic planning to provide the best solutions that deliver those objectives on time, within budget and without any surprises.


What's holding you back?

There are so many business challenges that we can assist you with and different ways in which we can help it is impossible to cover them all. If you contact us on 0151 459 7300 one of our experienced advisors will discuss your needs with you. Or, if you prefer, please fill in the form and a member of our team will contact you within an hour to discuss your needs and establish what your best course of action is.

Our 'newest' advisor has been with us for 4 years and most in excess of 10 years. So we can assure you that from your first contact you will be dealing with a knowledgeable person that has a wealth of experience. Their top priority will be to understand your needs and see if we can assist.

On the rare occasion we cannot assist we will say so. Yes, you did read that right! We will say we can’t help if we can’t. We won’t waste your time or ours.

Too many businesses say they can do something when they can’t  or have done something when they haven’t and at best you become a test pilot for them or they are worried they might come across as negative or appear insecure. Not Concise. We are mature enough to say ‘no’ and have the experience to say we can't help. But we will still try to point you in the right direction and provide guidance to get you where you need to be.

In 99% of all other occasions, our advisor will walk you through the options and how our managed IT Support services can help . This often takes places during a an organised free, no obligation face to face meeting with of our advisors to run through everything with you. The start hopefully of a longstanding partnership.

We are able to advise at whatever level you're comfortable with talking about Technology. Whether you have a good understanding of your current IT, have no idea or somewhere in-between. We do not bamboozle you with IT jargon and you don't need to be an expert for us to advise. We’ll be the IT expert.

What is important is that you know something isn't right about your IT for you and your business and reach out to Concise to help.


20 years in business


More than 3,000 people supported


95% of issues solved remotely



Outsourced IT which makes a difference.

Fill in the form to learn more about how we can help and one of our team will contact you within 1 hour or ring 0151 459 7300 quoting ref: IT Services Liverpool or IT Support Liverpool.


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