Call recording services for quality and compliance management

Call recording has so many useful purposes, it’s hard to see why businesses wouldn’t want to do it. After all, we keep all our email interactions so it makes sense to keep accurate records of our voice conversations too.

  • Training

    Use recordings to identify real world examples of great, or not so great, service which can be used in training and coaching.

  • Compliance

    Keep detailed records of customer interactions using call recording services to demonstrate compliance to legislation and regulations.

  • Dispute resolution

    Resolve complaints or disputes quickly and decisively by confirming what was agreed during phone conversations.


Quality management

Benchmark your customer service quality across your organisation by reviewing customer calls across different time periods and call handlers. Review how your staff deal with customers to identify good practice and further training opportunities.

Compliance and legal use

Demonstrate compliance with call recording services that make it easy to capture, store and access phone interactions with customers. Call recordings are often legally admissible which means that you can get actions agreed faster by phone and not have to worry about getting agreements in writing.


Why use call recording services

Keeping recordings of your business phone calls can help many areas of your business:

  • Compliance

    Create and store records of customer interactions that prove compliance.

  • Dispute resolution

    Resolve disputes faster by confirming agreed details easily.

  • Training

    Improve your call handling and customer service.

  • Best practice

    Highlight examples of best practice for quality management and benchmarking.

  • Legal Agreement

    Can help a business comply with strict regulations and pass legal controls.

What our clients say

“Speedy and flawless service as usual!”

J Morris, Kilgour Industries Ltd.

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