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Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, uses your internet connection to transmit voice or video calls in the form of data. You can use VoIP as part of a hosted telephony service, essentially a virtual business telephone system hosted in the cloud. The range of options and choices can be overwhelming but we’ll help you identify the best solution for your business needs and reduce your costs too.

  • Lower costs

    SIP trunks cost less than traditional phone lines, both to install and in terms of monthly rental. They also offer great flexibility for out of area numbers and disaster recovery.

  • Cloud or on-premise VoIP

    We provide VoIP services that can be deployed on premise or via public or private cloud.

  • Audio and video conferencing

    Bring together voice and video conferencing for chat, web conferences, or share desktops, documents and presentations.



Using VoIP offers complete flexibility. It’s a scalable solution so you can easily add more users as you need them. It also allows your employees to use their phone extension wherever they are. They just need to plug in a VoIP enabled handset anywhere with an internet connection and divert their calls. You’ll be able to connect with them as easily as if they were in the same office.

Unified communications

Unified communications help your teams communicate and collaborate more efficiently in real time by combining voice and data. Using VoIP, you can also integrate other communication tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging.


What's included

We’ll help you select the best managed VoIP service for your needs, but most include:

  • Low cost calls

    Choose VoIP as part of a hosted telephony or on-premise solution.

  • SIP trunking

    Connect your phone system securely to the internet for VoIP calls.

  • Unified communications

    Bring together video conferencing and instant messaging in one efficient solution.

  • Remote use

    Connect different sites and remote workers as if they were in the same office.

What our clients say

“Speedy and flawless service as usual!”

J Morris, Kilgour Industries Ltd.

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