Blend cloud services with your on-site IT for a hybrid cloud solution

Hybrid cloud solutions use a combination of public and private cloud services together with your own IT systems for different business functions. Combine the scalability of the cloud with the security of your own systems to create bespoke business solutions that are efficient, flexible and safe.

  • Cloud and on-premise

    Use cost effective cloud services for business functions that need more flexibility, and combine them with your on-site IT to automate and enhance core business functions.

  • Integration

    Secure touchpoints between public and private cloud services and your own IT systems allow data to move easily between them and integrate processes to deliver a truly joined up user experience.

  • Security

    Choose where and how critical applications and data are stored to safeguard compliance and security.


Best fit for you

By mixing and matching different services you can take the best of both worlds and customise your hybrid cloud solution to closely meet the needs of your business, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Maximise efficiency

A hybrid cloud solution will help get the most from your IT investment, minimising costs where possible and reducing the capital expenditure needed for new IT projects.


What's included

We can design and implement a hybrid cloud solution for you using our extensive knowledge and expertise

  • Value

    Save cost where you can but protect what matters.

  • Privacy and security

    Secure your data and meet your compliance needs.

  • Customisation

    Deploy bespoke solutions to meet your business challenges.

  • Reliability

    Safeguard availability and reliable performance levels.

  • Remote access

    Secure access to data and applications held in the cloud from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Expertise

    Draw on the design, set-up, configuration and support skills of our expert team.

What our clients say

“Xavier sorted it quicker than a cheetah on the savannah!”

Ben Griffiths, Fellows Auctioneers

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