Cloud computing with additional security and control

Private cloud solutions make applications, storage capacity and other resources available to your business over the internet. They differ from public cloud solutions in that resources are not shared with other organisations. You have your own exclusive cloud service, secured with additional authentication, for extra peace of mind.

  • Security

    Private cloud solutions are only accessible by your team, so you don’t have strangers accessing your resources.

  • Performance

    Resources are not shared so usage by other organisations will not affect your performance levels.

  • Custom built

    Private cloud solutions can be customised to meet specific business needs, with bespoke configurations putting you in control.


Cloud with more security

You get all the scalability, flexibility and availability of cloud, but with powerful extra security. This makes private cloud solutions better suited to business critical operations, sensitive data and those working in regulated industries.

Reduce risk

No server maintenance or upgrades to worry about. Instead you’ll pay a known monthly subscription for a resilient, robust infrastructure with guaranteed uptimes to ensure business continuity.


Why choose a private cloud solution

We are not tied to one cloud provider, instead we’re able to search the whole market to find the solution that best suits your business.

  • Privacy and security

    Protect your data and meet your compliance needs.

  • Reliability

    Guaranteed availability and reliable performance levels.

  • Customisation

    Bespoke solutions to meet your business challenges.

  • No CAPEX

    Move from capital expenditure to operating expenditure with a single monthly subscription.

  • Expertise

    Design, set up, configuration and ongoing maintenance all managed by our expert team.

What our clients say

“As always with Concise, very helpful and knowledgeable technical staff with excellent communication throughout and again (as always) problem resolved quickly and efficiently.”

George Mclean, Thermal Hire Ltd.

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