The question is not if, but when will your business will be affected

Most SMEs think cyber crime will never happen to them. In fact, two-thirds have already become victims of cyber attacks and the risk is growing rapidly. SMEs are an attractive target for hackers as many lack the right security measures to protect their businesses. A multi-layered approach to cyber security is now essential to reduce the risks of business downtime, data loss and reputational damage.

  • Concise Managed Firewall

    Concise Managed Firewall

    Protect your network from the latest cyber attacks.

    Our managed firewall service is constantly updated and monitored to deal with new threats and prevent unauthorised access to your systems and assets.

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  • Concise Cybersecurity

    Concise Cyber Security

    Protect what matters & enhance security measures.

    Our managed IT security services protect your business and help you meet regulatory and compliance objectives with best-in-class solutions.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Penetration Testing

    Simulate a hacking attack in a safe environment.

    Our qualified ethical hackers think like real hackers to test the security of your system and identify vulnerabilities before anyone else does.

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"They take away all the problems. We did everything on a wing and a prayer. Now Concise do it for us."

Paul Bentley, Mainline

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