24/7 protection for your business with our managed firewall service

Your firewall is the most important line of defence against a cyber attack. If hackers get through it they can access confidential information and compromise your IT network. Thousands of new threats appear every day so your firewall must be continually updated and monitored. This is a specialist area that requires time and expertise to get right. That’s why we offer a managed firewall service.

  • Complete protection

    We’ll prepare and deploy a managed firewall to protect your entire network and customise configurations to meet your needs.

  • Always up to date

    Configurations and policies are continually reviewed, and the latest security patches are applied to protect your system from current threats.

  • 24 hour monitoring

    We monitor your network firewall traffic round the clock to identify and respond to issues before they cause lasting damage.


Focus on business

There’s no need to recruit or train specialist staff. Instead you’ll reduce workloads and get a best-in-class solution. With proactive monitoring, we’ll respond to any attack allowing you to get on with business as usual.


Our managed firewall service supports wider data security policies and helps avoid data breaches. Detailed logs and access reports provide useful audit trails to demonstrate compliance for regulated organisations.


What’s included

Our Concise Managed Firewall service includes:

  • Management

    Prepare, deploy & configure. Upgrades and patches are continually applied.

  • Expertise

    Access to trained experts with up-to-date knowledge and in-depth expertise.

  • Monitoring

    24/7 monitoring and health checks.

  • Response

    Rapid response to threats by our security team.

  • Compliance

    Incident logging and access reporting for auditing purposes.

What our clients say

“Fantastic service from Kyle, so helpful and patient even when dealing with a ‘non-IT’ customer!”

Emma Maun, Britest Ltd., Daresbury, Cheshire

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