Demonstrate your network security by simulating a cyber attack

Penetration testing simulates an attack by a hacker on your network to find out if there are vulnerabilities in your IT provision that could be exploited, the level of risk they expose to your business and what needs to be done to strengthen security.

  • Realistic testing

    Our fully-qualified ethical hackers will use the same tactics as real hackers to test your systems and identify security weaknesses.

  • External and internal

    Penetration testing covers all entry points to your network from external sources and any internal vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unauthorised users if they do gain access.

  • Reporting

    You’ll receive full penetration testing reports detailing the results and, if necessary, any recommendations.


Identify risk

Penetration testing is the best way to protect your IT systems from external attacks and reduce the risk of security breaches to your business. By proactively identifying vulnerabilities you can strengthen those areas before your data and systems are compromised.

Security credentials

Penetration testing is the only way to demonstrate your cyber security credentials. It includes technical reports together with a risk analysis for senior managers and guidance on how to make your IT infrastructure more secure. The service also documents your security provisions for compliance or regulatory purposes.


What's included

Our trained security team will be able to advise on the best penetration testing solution for your business:

  • Testing

    Identifies entry points and where they could be strengthened. Simulates an attack behind the firewall to test internal security policies.

  • Design flaws

    Uncovers design and system flaws that open up backdoor access to restricted areas.

  • Urgent risks

    Assesses the risk of each flaw so you know which ones to address urgently.

  • Guidance & Reporting

    Advises how to manage and reduce the risks identified.

  • Consultation

    Our security team provides consultancy based on real world experience and knowledge.

  • Accreditation

    Achieve Government backed Cyber Essentials accreditation.

What our clients say

As always with Concise, very helpful and knowledgeable technical staff with excellent communication throughout and again (as always) problem resolved quickly and efficiently

George Mclean, Thermal Hire Ltd.

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