Make sure it’s business as usual whatever happens

What if you can’t access your normal place of work? Unplanned events like flooding, fire or security issues might leave your people unable to get into your building to do their jobs. This is when our managed business continuity service comes into its own, giving you an emergency place of work and all the support you need.

  • Continuity planning

    We can help you put together a business continuity plan so you can recover quickly from an unforeseen event. We’ll work with you to refine your emergency procedures making sure they’re always up to date and fully tested.

  • Temporary office

    We offer a state-of-the-art business continuity suite for up to 20 key workers who need a fully equipped, secure and self-contained office during times of emergency.

  • Works with disaster recovery

    Our business continuity suite complements our disaster recovery service to make sure you have a plan that covers every eventuality.


Support essential operations

After an unplanned event some staff will need to work together to support essential operations. Our temporary office suite is available for you walk in and get straight to work. It’s secure and has everything a modern office needs, so you won’t need to run your business from a colleague’s house or some other unsuitable location.


Having a robust business continuity plan in place gives you peace of mind that you can cope with any kind of unexpected event. It also provides evidence to key stakeholders and customers that your business is resilient and can provide a consistent level of service. It could even lower your insurance premiums.


What’s included

Features of our business continuity suite are

  • Planning

    Support with developing, maintaining and testing your business continuity plan.

  • Temporary office

    A secure office for up to 20 employees to use in an emergency.

  • Integrated solution

    Works in tandem with our disaster recovery service for a joined-up approach to business continuity.

  • Office suite

    A suite of pcs, telephone system, internet connection and full support from us.

What our clients say

“My query was dealt with very quickly and efficiently and my data was recovered in full.”

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