Restore your servers within one hour of a disaster

90% of businesses fail within two years of a disaster. In the event of a disaster, we take responsibility for getting your servers up and running in the cloud, day or night, 365 days a year, within one hour. Accessible from any Internet connection or from our Business Continuity Suite.

Free up your team to focus on your business and clients at this challenging time.

  • What constitutes a

    It may come as a surprise, but only 3% of disasters are natural. Human error accounts for 30% and failure of hardware causes 42%.

  • Protect your reputation and people

    65% of SMB’s have no disaster recovery plan. The longer you can’t function, the greater the reputational damage. 40% of businesses never survive a significant IT loss so it’s essential to plan and be prepared for a disaster, now. 

  • Meet ever tightening regulatory requirements

    Escalating insurance requirements, industry regulations, legislation and compliance. In a world where there is an ever increasing number of things to trip you up, take control with our disaster recovery service.


Peace of mind

Simple and concise, our disaster recovery service helps you sleep at night. 90% of SMBs don’t have a tested disaster recovery plan. With an annual disaster recovery simulation and weekly server restore test, we ensure this service is ready when it’s needed. Our disaster recovery service helps mitigate against the increase in ransomware and cyber crime.

Minimise business disruption

IT is essential to everyday operations that without it you can’t talk to customers, process orders or deliver goods and services. Every hour of downtime costs your business money so restoring service is time critical. We’ll get you back to work within 1 hour, 24 hours a day.


What's included

Our Disaster Recovery service includes the following features

  • No hidden costs

    Fully inclusive service with no additional charges for implementing the disaster recovery process or building any replacement servers and moving you back to a live environment.

  • Data replication

    24/7/365 enhanced data replication in order to provide the best chance of having up-to-date servers available in the event of a disaster.

  • No CAPEX

    No investment on your part in expensive local and cloud disaster recovery hardware and software that depreciates quickly and needs to be kept up to date.

  • 24/7 availability

    Unlimited 24/7/365 disaster recovery cover via a dedicated telephone number.

  • Private cloud

    Private UK Cloud to maximise performance and security.

  • Proactively monitored

    Proactively monitored by our best-in-class monitoring software.

  • Optional Business Continuity Suite

    20 seat off-site Business Continuity Suite which includes all necessary local equipment such as PCs, desks, chairs, telephones and internet connectivity.

What our clients say

“As usual I felt that Concise were on the case (which they were).”

Jane Cooper, Energos Holdings Ltd.

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