Protect your most valuable business assets - your Data

Every business needs to know that its data is always there and available when it’s needed. A successful backup strategy is essential for disaster recovery, regulatory compliance and responsible data management.

Managing backups in-house can be time consuming and detailed work. You don’t want to have to spend time worrying about whether you have the right strategy in place. Let us complete a backup audit for your business and put a managed backup service in place that takes care of monitoring and restoring your data.

  • Best in class

    So you don’t have to, we complete our own research to ensure our managed backup service is best in class.

  • Scalability

    No matter how many servers and how much data you have, our service is designed to cope.

  • Flexibility

    We understand that environments change. Our service adapts to meet your needs without additional investment from you.


Peace of mind

Your systems will be backed up regularly and automatically. No intervention is needed from your staff to run them and swap over media like tapes and drives. Regular reports and proactive incident management will give you peace of mind that data is fully protected at all times.

Backup that works

Many business only discover that their backups have failed when they try to restore files. By then, it’s too late and your business data is at risk. We’ll monitor all your backups to make sure they’re working properly.


What’s included

Our Concise Managed Backup service includes the following features:

  • Backup management

    Full implementation, management and monitoring of your backups 24/7/365.

  • Storage

    Storage management, archiving and long-term retention of your data.

  • Data restores

    Fast data restores from backups, from individual files to complete data restore.

  • Service level agreement

    Agreed timescales for data restores and backup policies.

  • Reporting

    Monthly reporting with detailed statistics.

  • Private cloud

    All data resides in our UK data centre and is accessible by Concise nominated people 24/7/365.

What our clients say

“Timeliness and knowledge at every stage.”

Oyvind Gundersen, Energos Holdings Ltd.

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